From time to time I may accept drawing commissions. I don’t generally advertise it but I also don’t mind if you ask, so don’t be shy!
Below you can find all the relevant info and some examples. Thank you for looking!



Only the lines of the drawing of one subject as a single flat file.


Flat colors

A drawing of one subject with no shading and uniform colors fillings.


Soft colors

The colored drawing of one subject with shading.


+ 1 Subject

Add another person to the same drawing.


+ Elaborate Background or Print

If you want me to give more love to the print on your dress or add more details in the scenery.



The process


Choose the commission type and send me a reference

Please send me an email containing the type of commission you want, the subject (it can be you, a friend, your OC, a completely made up character, etc.) and the references to use to create the drawing (they can be photos, lolibrary links, descriptions of the features, and so on).
I will reply back with my availability. I generally can do a commission every two weeks, so if you have people in front of you, please keep this in mind.
Once your turn in the queue arrives I will send you the sketch and request you to pay for the commission.

Approve the sketch

In the sketch phase you can ask me big pose changes, as well as request I change details. You may also send me additional references if I got an item wrong (the more references, the better! especially for items you care about!). Once the sketch are approved I won't accept big changes anymore. I may still modify the drawing if a detail I have drawn is not correct.

Receive the complete file

Most of my drawings get completed within two weeks from the approval of the sketch. Occasionally they may take a month so please be patient.
Once I am done I will send you the completed flat file in full resolution.
At this point I may accept 1-2 corrections of small details. If everything looks good to you please confirm it!

Use the image!

You can use this for your profile, banner, videos, and any other personal use!
I keep the right to print this or publish it with credit to you as model.
If you are looking for a commercial commission please contact me on my email specifying this.
The finished lineart

When heavily referencing a photo, I may still change the proportions, make the skirt bigger, and stylize things in my style.

The reference photo

A detailed reference photo can help get the pose right. But don’t worry! If you have a simple pose or none at all, I can also make one up as long as I can see all the necessary details in the reference.

Commission status: OPEN