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Little Dipper - Early Summer's Sweet Dreams Gingham Chiffon OP in Red L

I actually madly want this in S, M, in red, and green. This dress feels like the epythome of country lolita. I love it.

Liz Lisa - Gingham Strawberry OP in Red

Liz Lisa may not properly be a lolita brand, but this dress definitely can fit a petti, and it's just so comfortable in summer. Gingham and strawberries are such a great combo too!
Top: Angelic Pretty - Angelic☆School Sailor Blouse in Red
Skirt: Handmade by Mikibows

I recently completed this coord and I can't wait to wear it in summer!
Meribel Summer Cherry OP+KC set in M

I got this dress from lacemarket, and I'm madly in love with it. I've worn it a lot from spring to autumn this year! A favorite of the old ladies in my town.

Innocent World - Strawberry Field JSK 2008

I adore this print in all its colorwas and shapes. all the little details, all of it, is just so cute and straight out of a delicate fairytale.

Angelic Pretty - Drained Cherry Ruffle Skirt

This skirt is quite good to wear in summer, it has a built-in petti, and it's very light. Also, since it arrived damaged, I put my heart to rest and I wear it without fear a bit more casually.

Le Carrousel - Romantic Garden Onepiece, Size P, color Cinza

I actually was aiming for the pink colorway to match my friend Monty, which motivated my whole haul with Le Carrousel.

This piece is simply divine, very light and flowy, and I love that it has wine details! (which is more in my style rather than pink tbh)

Miss Point - Green underbust JSK in M

I'm happy I actually got also the matching hat and brooch! it's a very cute classic piece, and I like green pieces, and love desperately underbusts. I'm very fond of Miss Point!

Innocent World - Marie Rose Skirt and an Innocent World blouse I could not ISO

Both very gorgeous classical pieces. The skirt has brown details too. It's a bit long on me compared to my other skirts - I'm a shortie - but I really love the print and the feel of the fabric.

Alice Girl -When the Camelia Blooms JSK set

I got this set of JSK, bonnet, ribbon and apron on preorder, and I'm glad I did! I don't have many bonnets yet and it's so nice to wear them! I also often steal the apron from this set to use with other dresses.

Unideer - Memory of Floria low neckline short sax version

I got the set of dress, ribbon, apron and shawl. I didn't have an occasion to wear the set yet, it feels like it would be great to be an Alice lolita, or also to wear on some big normie occasion as a guest, for example a marriage.

Le Carrousel - Magdalene Onepiece in Azul Claro

This piece is lovely, however there was an error in the pattern and the waist is much larger than it should. I can still wear it by tying it very thightly in the back, but I'll probably let this one go and order it again so it can fit me properly.

Bodyline Navy Sailor JSK

One of the jsks made by Bodyline of which I actually really like the quality. I like to pair it with the Sakurafairy beret and the crab purse!

Baroque - Decent Collar set in Sax

This was my first otome-sailor dress. It comes with the beret and headbow, and it has two pockets!

Metamorphose Temps de Fille - Double Frill Skirt

The Cutsew is also a lovely sailor themed one by meta, and I feel like the two work nicely together! The skirt is a bit thight on me, but I love how casual it also feels.

Dear Celine - Magic Book OP in Green

I adore this dress, I've been wearing it a lot this winter, it's great for quirky casual wear and otome, and just to have an elegant look but not too OTT. And it has two pockets!

Innocent World - Antique Cutlery Tiered JSK

This dress is so cute. Underbust JSKs are such a blessing. It feels so perfectly classic and I love the red and yellow accents and all the little details. Paired with a second hand IW wine blouse that has "seen things" but it's still a nice blouse in the end.

Innocent World - Agatte JSK

This dress feels so academic! The above is my favorite coordination with it. (IW headdress and the necktie stolen from another gray dress) It's classic and elegant and a statement without being too much, so it's quite wearable.

Fantastic Wind - The Florentine Traveller OP in grey M

This is the coord that made me realize I could and wanted to wear lolita fashion. Took me two years to hunt down also the hat which was sold out in all the reseller websites but then I managed to find the taobao shop. I'm so satisfied. The details are beautiful and it feels like walking out of a Victorian novel when I wear it. It also has pockets!

Miss point - The rose academy OP in grey

My Dark librarian outfit. It is thinner than the Florentine Traveller, but it has pears and beautiful lace details in the front. It's a bit more comfortable to wear inside. Very very classic. I also prefer to use IW headwear instead of its actual head ribbon which feels too big.

Miss Point - Underbust Corset JSK

Another Miss Point dress, this one is to be worn in cold climate as it is quite thick. It has these nice button details in the front that can be paired so nicely with a key necklace.

Angelic Pretty - Dot Candy Girl JSK

Short dress with a built-in petticoat. It has a big cute bow in the back. The person who sold this decided to separate the set and sold the headdress before I bought the JSK, too bad. But I'm happy I found a hat to pair it with! I often wear this one for casualwear as it's super cute and extra comfortable over many hours.

Innocent World - Black Chemical Lace Striped JSK

I received it in terrible condition, with all the shirring in the back completely ruined, I had it repaired and it's now a nice staple piece. Simple but classy. Thanks to kana-palu for helping me ISO this dress!

Angelic Pretty - Royal Cards OP in Black

This dress is cute and I especially love the buttons shaped like card seams. It's quite short and very high waist so I think only a person as tiny as me or smaller could wear this! I sometimes ditch the petti with it and wear it mostly casually in summer and spring since it's short.

Infanta - Disney Version Snow White OP

I desired this dress a lot. It really feels like a princess to wear it! the details in the material used feel so luxurious, and it's a beautiful piece. Unfortunately it's a bit hard to coord and being a bit heavy but having no sleeves means I never actually wore it anywhere, just tried it on. I like to keep it on the mannequin and look at it.

Angelic Pretty - Precocious Lady JSK

This dress has an interesting texture and it's very beautiful. It's a bit plain but this means it can be very versatile. My sister loves it so I can't bring myself to sell it just yet. It's also one of those dresses that would look amazing in elegant but casual situations.

Henrietta - Rose Bush Set in Ivory

This dress arrived with a huge mold stain the middle and several snags and damages (and the seller claimed it was new without tag). I have a headache just thinking about it. Probably the most offensive amount of damage from a second hand piece I got. After washing it, disinfecting, and taking a bit of care of it, it's in a better state. Since it's not in pristine condition, I also feel less scared to use it!

Angelic Pretty - Honey Cake Round JSK in Ivory (2019 2nd Release)

I have conflicting emotions about Honey Cake. At first I hated it, then became obsessed by it, I got it, and even got the matching headbow and socks, but sadly, it's way too large for me. I don't want to let go of it, it's so brilliant and beautiful, but I also cannot wear it. I wanted it so much and I can't even enjoy it. I'll likely try to get another version of it that fits me. Btw it even has pockets.

Angelic Pretty - Napoleon Marine JSK in Red

I love red and blue and I love sailor themes, so I could not resist this dress. As it's a bit on the short side and very flashy, I'm waiting for the perfect occasion/theme meet to wear it and I have a coord that can work for it.

Amastacia - Star Moon Night Garden Set

The blue and red stripes in combination with the cut of the dress really made me go crazy about it. The dress arrived however in bad shape, never having been washed by the previous owner, I had to wash it and it bled so much red. Because of this I'm not really happy thinking about it. I still want to wear it sometimes in summer.

Le Carrousel - Saia Sweet Polka Dots in Red M

My red polka dots dream coming true. Of course I had to make a Minnie coord with it. When I visited Disneyland Paris I searched hard for a polka dot skirt and could only find a cheap horrible one. So now that I found this, I'm quite happy!

Angelic Pretty - French Dot Dream OP in Blue

I got this dress from a wonderful person, and it arrived in such a spotless state even if it was second hand! I've been after the red colorway of this for a long time, and I've yet to see it appear anywhere. The blue colorway is just as lovely, I love the stripes of the ribbon too. This is really a great dress. Casual, retro, cute, and yet elegant. I simply adore it. And it has a pocket!

Le Carrousel - Saia Sweet Polka Dots in Black M

I really love polka dots. This version of the skirt is a bit more discreet so it will be great to wear also in a casual setting!

Beaver Duke - Alpine Maiden set in Red

This one was advertised as Ista Mori, but the tag said Beaver Duke, I'm unsure which is it! I got everything: the JSK, blouse, headscarf, rectangular headdress, necklace, and then I forgot to order the matching apron! Luckily the website still had some, so it's coming in the mail now.

Nya Nya Lolita - Love and Death Set

I got this set for a wa lolita meet we were supposed to have in March 2020. Well of course the meet never happened XD but I'm confident I'll find an occasion to wear it eventually.

Alice girl - The magic bows set in Black

A delightful velveteen piece for Halloween. I was short-sighted as it was the first pieces I bought, and I didn't get the matching rectangular headdress, which I now regret, but I got the hat and blouse that match the set. I also love the pumpkin bag!

Souffle Song - In October The Stars JSK

I got this dress in the Souffle Song lucky pack which included 3 items: this dress with a broken zipper, faded ruined socks, and a blouse that was fine. I had the zipper replaced and I now wear this dress by adding red accents to it.

Le Carrousel - Theresa JSK

Another piece from my very recent Le Carrousel haul! very light, simple and cute, I feel like it will be perfect for summer or even to wear a bit casually!

Tiny Garden - French Lady OP in M

I got this dress from Glitzy Wonderland and it arrived with the bottom panel falling off, half of it not sewn. I had it adjusted and I've worn it quite a bit, but I'm not too ecstatic about the quality. For casualwear it's ok and I like that i'ts orange enough to not clash with my skintone.

Innocent World - Petit Ribbon Skirt in Brown

Very simple and cute skirt! I generally wear it for casual lolita or toned down coords with red accents as in the above example.

Emily Temple Cute Skirt

Very cute and comfortable skirt, quite roomy too! It's black, striped and has glittery pois! I wish I could ISO it.

Innocent World - Aisne Skirt in Navy

Super short navy skirt by IW. It looks plain the front, but the back has some nice poofy details. I wear it in summer in casual contexts and I generally pair it with this Axes Femme cutsew that is much more intricate to balance the plainness of the front.


I currently have two lolita coats, both by Angelic Pretty.

The white one is the Snow Fairy Fur Jacket and it has 4 pockets!

The black one I've tried to ISO it on lolibrary but I can't find it. It has lace all over it and big pearls on the front and handcuffs, plus two front pockets. If you know how it's called, please let me know and I'll update the post.


As a huge lover of country lolita, I have several straw hats I range from to go from casual to OTT. I'd love to find more hats in the future!

I also have 3 hats to wear in winter, one belongs to the florentine traveller coord (the wine one), one is by Axes Femme, and the other is super casual, but I put pearls around it when I want to make it fancier.

I also have 4 berets in several colors, the ones with the cute brooches are by SakuraFairy on Etsy.


I'm on the hunt for cute bags, but right now I'm reasonably satisfied with what I could find. The two I use the most are the brown bag in the back paired with the brown shoes, and the white heart bag in the front by loris on taobao.

I keep all my accessories in two drawers with separators. I'm happy with how I managed to organize them! I'm trying to collect more staple pieces, especially for headwear and by Innocent World, as I feel like they're the perfect balance of cute and elegant but still reasonably discreet. I don't like huge headwear if it's not a hat. I have a third drawer at the bottom where I keep the accessories specifically meant to match a certain dress.

I keep my cutsews next to my side of the bed in the top department, I have around 10 of them and use them for more dailywear.

In the column on the side I keep white blouses - I have tons of them and I'm too tired to document each lol. maybe in the future.

Below those, there's cardigans in red and white, red blouses, black blouses, other color blouses.

Near the bottom I keep aprons, bloomers, underskirts.

The bottom box is for socks. Short socks for summer, OTKs, thights, etc. I'd like to find more interesting ones, and I do have several I have yet to opn and wear, but I'm never going to buy or sell used socks so acquiring this kind of item is a bit difficult.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at my wardrobe! I'm actually waiting for 5 more main pieces and a coat in the mail, but since this is what I have at the beginning of the year, they won't make it in the wardrobe post.

This took so long to make between taking the pics, dressing the mannequin, editing and then gathering all the info @.@ Thank you so much if you reached the end, but also if you just peeked here and there. I'm happy with the variety of clothes I got, and I hope I'll find more of the "dream pieces" this next year, but especially more accessories, headpieces, and bags.

I love country and classic lolita, and aim to wear the fashion on every possible occasion. I also love simple patterns like gingham and pois, as well as solids, and red and blue are my favorite colors.

It may not be the final collection, but this is what I gathered in 2 years of joining the fashion.

See you again next year!


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