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Every year we pick a place that is dog friendly, and that place usually ends up being in Tuscany, so was this year. We visited Montopoli, Palazzo del Pero and Arezzo, among the various places.

Given the hot weather, I decided to pack two skirts, one dress, and the lightest cutsews I had, plus a simple white taobao cardigan for the night. Since we’d be in the hot sun all the time, I opted for a straw hat as headpiece, and comfortable shoes for walking with simple but cute socks.

The first casual coord features an Axes Femme ivory blouse, and AP’s Drained Cherry Ruffle Skirt which is an awesome, super comfortable skirt that needs no ironing, but given it’s in chiffon it can be a bit fragile. Mine already had some snatches, so I wore it in a rather carefree manner around Arezzo.

The second coord features IW’s Aisne Skirt and a wonderful Axes Femme cutsew in white sangallo cotton that was super light. A great choice to go up and down staircases all day! But at least the view paid off!

My third outfit was Liz Lisa – Gingham Strawberry OP in Red which is again very light, plus I love gingham and I find it goes super well with straw hats. It can also be worn with a petticoat, but I only had some very poofy bloomers underneath. We visited Sansepolcro – where I recommend you to visit Aboca’s apothecary museum – and the delightful town of Anghiari.

Overall it was a great one week trip and we were blessed with good weather despite being September! We also went to a dog beach, and had a boar encounter near the house we rented, but everything went well!

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