Global Game Jam 2017

GGJ just ended, and we happened to win at the Milan site! Actually, I wasn’t even meant to be there since I was very busy with university and deadlines, but I decided I’d participate no matter what, so I spent half the time at school/with university group guys working on the project which was due that week and nights and afternoons at the jam with the splendid people of Rising Pixel plus game designer Christian Costanza.

The theme was “waves” this year so we decided upon a very simple game where krakens in the shape of giant octopuses and crabs would battle because they happened to choose the same spot in the middle of the ocean to have their birthday parties. Due to the lack of time though we decided to make the game cooperative where they would have to pop the evil balloons instead.

One of the most memorable moments for me was animating octopuses until 4 in the morning and going after 4 hours to the place of one of my university colleague.

Yet it was such a surprise to win, it made me really really happy!


Christian Costanza – Game Designer
Luca Contato – Developer
Erika Inzitari – Graphic Designer
Alessandro Di Lecce – Graphic Designer
Davide Campigotto – Developer

Marius Arcioni e Giacomo M. Greco ( DPSTUDIOS)
for game music and sounds

Below is the trailer of the game:

and here’s the link to the GGJ entry and the browser playable game.

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