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As customary in the latest years, I went on a one-week vacation somewhere around Italy again. The previous years we always went to some place in Tuscany, but this time we picked Abruzzo.

The place we picked, San Vito Chietino, is very close to the sea, and I happened to have received a sailor skirt through Vinted just the week before going, so I thought, how about I just bring this skirt, and then some of the many cutsews I have accumulated? I seem to have a soft spot for sailor cutsews in general, and this seemed like the perfect occasion to finally take them for a walk in an appropriate place, so here they are!

The skirt highlighted in this post is Pleats A La Mode by Angelic Pretty in the white colorway. It turns out that the waist is rather forgiving, and it has a genius hidden elastic system, so it’s actually super comfortable. It features a blue ribbon in the back, and has a detachable ribbon in the front, which I took out here because I felt it didn’t match the cutsews that well.

The skirt is also in cotton, and it tends to need to be ironed to be worn nicely. I didn’t bring an iron with me, so I resorted to wet it and straighten it as well as I could with my hands before going out.

Another common element is the shoes and socks, which are a bit plain, but they had to be comfortable and cute enough to match sailor, but not too cute that I’d cry if they got ruined or mud got on it – which, spoiler, it did, it really did. As we were expecting rain half of the week.

The first day we went around San Vito, I wore a BBTSSB sailor cutsew. This one is adorable and double versatile because it can also be worn without the sailor collar, so I usually bring it on trips to put under JSKs too! I also wore my usual straw hat and a simple black bag.

This area has the particularity of having wooden structures, originally built to fish over the sea but without having to be on a boat, called Trabocchi. They aren’t used for fishing anymore and have been converted to restaurants. We weren’t sure our dog Luna could enter, so we didn’t book a dinner there, but here’s the entrance of one of them:

sailor lolita trabocco

Here are also a couple of frontal pics taken in San Vito, also in company of my dog Luna.

The second time we went around San Vito, we stopped by for pizza on the seaside. If you happen to go there, we recommend having pizza in Neapolitan style from Granomare. They accept dogs, and have a wonderful view over the seaside. If you go there right when they open, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset! They were extremely nice and it was also fairly cheap (2 pizzas and water for 20€!)

As for other things to eat, definitely have some sweets and gelato from Rossana, they were delicious and had some very original flavors! And if you like cheap fried seafood, you HAVE to grab some to take away at Le Frit C’est Chic!

You can see me wear AP’s red Vintage Marine Cutsew with the ribbon from a different cutsew here, together with a taobao white cardigan. The headpiece is IW’s Latin Head Bow in navy. And finally, the crab purse is from Ebay – It seems like it’s not on sale at that link anymore, but you can still find it on Ebay.

It then rained, so we didn’t really go out for two days. We still enjoyed the pool and the bathtub in the house we rented, plus the house was surrounded by wineyards, so it wasn’t that bad. Then we went to Lanciano, which I didn’t like as there wasn’t really much to see. I wore a MILK dress there, but I won’t post it since it’s beyond the scope of this blog post.

The third time we went around, we decided to go to the natural reserve of Punta Aderci in the morning, and then to Ortona for a walk in the afternoon, which is a beautiful short walk. The weather was bad in the morning, it was super windy and it also rained, in fact you can see me wearing a towel in a pic!

In the other pics, I was wearing AP’s Sailor Border Cutsew in the black colorway.
I ended up loving this last look! Maybe it’s because I was right in front of the sea, I felt like it hit all the right vibes.

I had more cutsews, but ended up not wearing the others, so I don’t have more pics to share. Still, I hope this was good inspo for a trip near the seaside and a showcase of how versatile one skirt and cutsews can be! What was your favorite look?

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