More November exercises

Since November is coming to an end in a few days, let’s say I dedicated this whole November to improve my skills.
I practiced some more realistic paintings because I had in mind to propose for a certain kind of publications, but also because I like challenges and to experiment something new  – this could actually be a good chance to practice really well my anatomy skills and improve them!

Here’s a sneak preview, censored of course.

Just to be clear

Actually I’m a woman and I really thought about women objectification. I’m drawing this kind of subjects mostly for achademical purposes – I mean, to test if I really am able to draw  it but also because I find them beautiful and spontaneus as well as I find beauty and spontaneus a tiny monster or the heart of a corpse. I don’t think people should feel ashamed about sex, death or ugly  stuff. That’s only natural. Everyone dies and we shouldn’t fear it but understand it and be ready. Everyone is made in a certain way on the inside and we shouldn’t avoid it, we should know better ourselves instead. Everyone has some basic instints such as feeling hungry or needing to have sex. As long as you don’t steal other people’s food or rape someone, as long as you have a good relationship with your body and other people I think it is ok and natural.

Also for your own good here’s there’s a really interesting TED talk you should definitely watch:

When I was a little girl I used to feel ashamed about this kind of stuff. Now I simply don’t but this doesn’t mean I disrespect bodies, women, death or such, I probably value them more than you do, I sincerly try to understand them.

But hey, it is indeed hard to find a good midpoint. So, good luck.

Yes, I am 18 years old or older

Censored bukkake
Here you can see the original sketch and the version until today. I think I sould fix some stuff and I’m not done yet but I also think that it’s something worth watching as it is, for once. I might create a password protected gallery here on my site if I see people are interested.

I’m also trying to improve my vector graphic skills and animating skills.
I’m having fun engaging myself for the first time with isometric graphic (which you can see in a blunt mess tiled screen capture above here)
Last time I told you I wouldn’t let you see what I’m working on but I can’t resist. Here they are.

It is really satisfying to get to the end of such a kind of animations, expecially because my dream when I was little was to do exactly this kind of things, and it got true. Along with my dream of becoming an expositor at Lucca comics&games fair it is actually my second dream I had since I was a child turning into reality in a month. So I’m really worn out because I’m working really hard on a lot of projects but I’m also really happy and satisfied. I love my job, I love how fast I’m improving – but I could improve a lot more!! – I love the people I got to know, I love you reading this blog, the fact that you’re reading proves you somehow care, so thank you.

indies vs pewdiepie jam slice of sprite sheet

I joined the Indies VS PewDiePie jam for 8 hours with my friend Dorian. The result is…well a game made in a day lol. And we also went a bit further with TwinEye.

I also attended an adult basketball match yesterday and since I’m not that into sports I used it as an occasion to observe over 40 men running – pretty funny indeed. I had a chance to get more conscious about the fat volumes and posture, in fact it was the 45° neck fair!

They were all sketched on a very small piece of paper directly with ball pen and I took a picture with my phone – sorry. Hope you’ll find them as funny and interesting as I did!


I’ll put links of the other games I’m working on once they’re done. I guess it’s all for this time.

Feel free to comment if you have suggestions, I also accept commissions if they please me. ; )



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