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I had the occasion to go on a small one week trip in the mountains in a lovely bed and breakfast. I planned to work while there but still enjoy the view, so I also packed my pc and tablet. As for clothing, I was set to dress in lolita all of the time I wasn’t in pijama or swimsuit.


My logic for packing consisted in attempting to make a mix and match capsule wardrobe, choosing two main pieces, and then the accessories around them. But it all went a bit overboard since I learned we’d go with a private bus just for us and I had no limits in space or weight!

So, lolita-fashion-wise, I ended up packing one JSK, two OPs (one of which is an entire set) and even a liz lisa dress, plus two skirts, 3 shirts, and several cutsews. 4 pair of socks and stockings and only one pair of shoes. I also packed just 3 head accessories and the usual pearl bracelets I wear.

The trip

The trip lasted 4 hours, and the part among the mountains was the worst with all those curves! but the bus had built-in USB chargers so it was good to distract oneself from the crying baby on board. We were 9 adults and 2 little kids, so there was so much chitter! It was a mix of family and family friends on my mum’s side, so it was very cheerful!


Villa Ortensia

Villa Ortensia is truly a beautiful place. We were in the suite at the ground level, and it had the loveliest furniture, with the very cute chairs, and the bow window. Everything is in light wood, and a very clean place. They also have sauna and a pool! (that’s what the swimsuit was for!)

Every morning they’d leave breakfast at the doorstep, which consisted in crossants, bread, fresh milk, butter, and two kinds of jam. If we couldn’t finish the bread, sometimes we’d give it to the yaks in the pen close to the house, which would swiftly come at the sight of it. I have the loveliest pictures with them!

The place was also super close to the ropeway that would take you straight to the ski runs. I chose not to ski, but several people from our group went every day!


The virus

Everything was well until the third day, where I started feeling sick. I spent the night embracing the toilet and the next few days not eating, sleeping, being generally sick and aching, and also with a small eye infection. At least I had wi-fi and made great progress with the book I was reading!

We also discovered that not just me, but also the other couple in the other apartment got sick, and also one of the little boys. Then, in the next days one by one everyone got sick. We tested for covid and it was not it, so it very likely was a rotavirus that someone caught at the airport I suppose.

I still managed to get some pics once I was feeling better, so here they are!

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