November Exercises

I’m dedicating this november to game design and to improve my drawing skills.

Game Design

First, I keep working at WePassion on Cute Clicker Heroes and on a new game related to this Brand – because yes, we’re using one of those monsters as the main hero in a small runner! This made me happy – and I’m also developing a game with my team at Lanzi’s Videogame Design course at PoliMi. I took somewhat a relevant part in the theme of the game and since the concept was something I found amazingly funny and interesting I’m all head and heels over this last one. I played a coordinating role in the graphic of half of the games for this course last year and I had so much fun I couldn’t wait for this year’s challenge. And eventually I joined a team from the beginning contributing to the concept. I’m sure you’ll love it.

I’m lucky because the two designer that joined to the team seem pretty skilled with vectors and like the idea as well – but I’m not telling you for now which is the concept..! – and the two engeneers are quite skilled in their job too.

I hope I will able to develop TwinEye as well some time soon… I wish days had 72 hours cause I’m also lacking sleep.



I said I was trying to improve my drawing skills and I want to share this precious resource I found with you:

A friend of mine shared with me Anatomy 4 Sculptors which is full of great stocks and tricks. You definitely need to check it out.

esercizi torso anatomia nov

I also keep on drawing random people because I’m fed up with drawing only one kind of face – there are loads more of course! Actually I have thousands of sketches of people on the tube but I wanted to create a separate post sometimes. I promise I will and I’ll stiff there everithing cause it deserves it.

esecizi visi novembre2014

New colouring process

I had an epiphany one day and discovered a new way of colouring. This happened once when I was carefully staring an 800 painting on facebook – with a misleading caption I don’t even remember but oh well.

So I started making more colouring exercises. They’re not too precise but I feel that I made a jump over, even though I still need to work on them. I have a good feeling.


What else to say… I’ll try to apply for some illustration projects but even though I might be decent I don’t feel so confident. Every drawing of mine that I look after some time dissatisfies me. Someone told me it’s normal… I don’t know. I am quite severe with myself and I want to do better. Actually I get easily depressed about it. I should work on this as well.


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